Digital Marketing Interview Questions

With digital media such as social media and mobile apps increasingly becoming the most viable and cost-effective way to promote and market products and services, there has been an increase in demand for individuals skilled in digital marketing.

Here are some example Digital Marketing job interview questions to help you to prepare yourself: Before attending an interview you should always take the time to thoroughly research and find out everything you can about the company.

  • What is your general experience with digital marketing?
  • What is the difference between organic traffic and direct traffic?
  • What factors in digital marketing do you enjoy most?
  • Have you been involved with social media marketing and can you give examples?
  • Are you experienced with web analytics tools? Have you developed reports and plans from traffic results?
  • What is the benefit of social media advertising and engagement?
  • Can you provide knowledge of PPC campaigns and any you’ve been involved in?
  • What kind of experience do you have with mobile marketing including SMS and app-based marketing?
  • Have you written and dispatched many email marketing campaigns?
  • What digital marketing campaigns have you been involved with that didn’t go so well and what did you learn from them?
  • Explain to me your methods when it comes to researching new online media opportunities?
  • Do you have experience with Photoshop and designing web banners or other web visuals?
  • How do you keep up to date with current digital trends and tech news?

It is important at digital marketing job interviews to be specific when answering questions. Concise qualitative answers with examples demonstrate confidence and knowledge.

By preparing answers to the most common Digital Marketing questions asked you can go in to your interview with confidence and focus on delivering your responses in a way that demonstrates your ability and character.

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