What is a Digital Marketing Executive?

A Digital Marketing Executive mainly focuses on the online promotion of a product, service or brand.

This role involves marketing products across digital channels including social media, websites, blogs, apps and online advertising. SEO and PPC also play an important part in digital marketing and the overall objective could be traffic acquisition, customer conversion or customer retention.

Other duties can include budgeting, updating and providing content for websites, blogs and social media along with delivering the company’s online marketing strategy.

Roles and Responsibilities

Digital Marketing Executive will either work in-house with the company or brand that is trying to promote its products online or may be part of an agency that works for a number of clients. The duties and activities tend to involve:

  • Contribute to global marketing strategies for products or services
  • Plan and strategise digital marketing campaigns for online channels like social media, websites, mobile apps and more
  • Working with SEO/PPC agencies to deliver organic traffic or undertaking SEO/PPC directly
  • Liase with web and graphic designers to advertising campaigns visuals
  • Develop engaging content for websites, blogs and social media
  • Analyse web traffic to websites and social media and produce reports based off of it
  • Create and maintain social media activity including moderating and responding to comments
  • Attending conferences, product launches and digital networking events
  • Track campaign activity and success and presenting findings to management

Work activities can often depend on the size of the company and online budgets.

Key Skills and Experience

As a Digital Marketing Executive should have the following skills:

  • Effective communication and strong writing skills
  • Proficient at analytics and reporting
  • Creative flair and good presentation skills
  • Strong organisation and planning
  • Experience with content management and social media
  • Knowledge of SEO, PPC and web traffic
  • Keen interest in digital products and online content
  • Decent knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Innovative approach to marketing and advertising
  • Ability to work under pressure and with deadlines

Qualifications and Courses

Although there is no set entry route to digital marketing, many employers will prefer you have a degree in marketing, PR or anything digital. Many universities are offering more direct routes to digital marketing with degrees that encompasses these duties and responsibilities.

You can apply for courses that give you digital marketing skills to help improve your career prospects. Some of these courses include:

  • CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing
  • CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

There are also many Digital Apprenticeships available that can offer you the opportunity to get into a digital marketing job role.

Digital Marketing Executive Salary

Digital Marketing Executives can earn between £25,000 and £35,000. The amount is dependent upon a number of factors, one of which is location. It is not uncommon for Digital Marketing Executives in London to be paid more.

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